Thursday, September 6, 2007

132. A Contest to Check Out.

Since I have an occasional educator stopping by, I thought I'd pass this on--from Fuse 8"

"Now that kids are back in school, thoughts are beginning to turn to
fall--bright leaves, corduroys, apple cider, and everyone's favorite orange fall
symbol ... pumpkins! In celebration I am running a contest on my website: The winner will receive an autographed copy of my middle grade novel, ME AND THE PUMPKIN QUEEN, along with 10 Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds (the kind used to grow monstrous 1,000 plus pound pumpkins and which my main character is quite fond of). The winner can try to grow his or her own championship pumpkin or keep the seeds as a unique souvenir. Contest rules can be accessed on my homepage under News." Seems to me that youse teachers out there would do well to have your kids participate in this. It's too late to plant pumpkin seeds now but future classes might appreciate a teacher who tends to gigantor orange creatures.

Looks worthwhile. I'd like to see some of those giant pumpkins growing in
Saipan. After clearing agricultural inspection, though.

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