Friday, April 11, 2008

209. The Shoe Has Dropped

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for federal action on bills to federalize immigration in the CNMI. Finally the shoe has dropped.

Head on over to UNHEARD NO MORE for some great posts and details about the passage of the U.S. Senate bill (S. 2739) that federalizes immigration in the CNMI.

Then head over to The Daily Kos for the latest on the Jack Abramoff scandal, which again relates to activities "on behalf of" the NMI.


Ron Hodges said...

SW - You have mentioned my 3 favorite web sites in this post, unheardnomore, daily kos, & Saipan Writer!

Ron Hodges said...

I just clicked the daily kos link...I did't know Bob Schaffer was busted for his factory inspection/dive trip. Wendy will love to hear this...& the Tan family funded it...shocking.

Ron Hodges said...

I have good friends in Colorado that needed to hear this story...and now they have...sorry Bob.

Saipan Writer said...

The Daily Kos linked to the Denver Post. The comments there, from people living in Denver, were very interesting. Most people do not want to change their thinking about something that happened more than a decade ago, far away, and which may still not result in criminal charges.

I'm not really clear on his popularity. But then I'm usually voting for the candidates that do not make it into office, so I'm never a good gauge of popularity!

Thanks, Ron, for the nice words.