Monday, May 19, 2008

235. What ever happened to that laid-back island lifestyle?

There is simply TOO MUCH happening on Saipan these days. I want to go back to those kick-back evenings watching sunsets and drinking vodka tonics or mango margaritas or red red wine.

Tuesday evening, Friends of the Arts is having its annual meeting at the Marianas restaurant on Navy Hill. They usually have some students perform, the price of food is discounted, and there are a whole lot of people who enjoy drama.

Wednesday evening, watch the John Gonzales show. Hawaii guests will share their experience with the national marine monument that was designated in their northern islands.

Thursday morning 7 AM, if you're a morning bird and want to hear more, or missed the Gonzales show, hear from the same Hawaii guests on the Harry Blalock radio talk show.

Thursday evening, still have questions? Listen to a live presentation (and ask questions?) at the AMP.

Details of all the national marine monument discussion are, of course, on Angelo's blog, and a comprehensive schedule over at Tamara's blog.

Friday evening, [don't miss the Karidat fundraiser. $50 gets you into the Aqua Resort Club dinner, and gives you a raffle ticket for some fun prizes.]POSTPONED UNTIL A LATER DATE per Ruth Tighe...

Saturday evening, it's Biba-the Agricultural Fair, Family Fun Day, and still Taste of the Marianas time at the AMP field.

I know there's more, but I'm having scheduling meltdown!
Oh, the woe of so much interesting, entertaining, beneficial happenings!

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