Friday, December 12, 2008

Mid Term Grades

Ah, yes.

Joey Camacho has put up a poll where we can grade the performance of our elected Legislators.

I give Joey kudos for his website and his willingness to do this. I don't much like anything else he's doing in the Legislature, but the mere fact that he's willing to act as an excellent source for information and feedback means he got a better grade in my book than most.

The only A I gave was to Tina.

I gave a B, a C, a couple of Ds, and mostly Fs.

I wish there were some way to distinguish between the Fs! Some are just meant to say you're a total failure. But others are meant to say you should be impeached if you don't resign and I am so very ashamed to have you in our CNMI Legislature that I get sick just thinking about it. But alas--all you can do is mark your grade.



Anonymous said...

I don't know. Something is just a little wrong with a legislator hosting a poll on his own performance and his colleagues. I don't know enough about polls but wouldn't one think that since he created it and is administering it he can manipulate it? I mean as the time goes by and the "f" grades in his column accumulate at what point will he go into the backside of the survey and do a little "fixing".

Joe is very ego sensitive. That being the case there is a good chance he will not sit by and watch his scores of Fs continue to pile up --- as they should.

Don't get me completely wrong. I think the guys and gals up there should be graded but perhaps on a less biased site.

Perhaps you can host a survey here.

Saipan Writer said...

I don't know. Many businesses solicit consumer feedback. And I think most politicians are so out of touch with the voting public, and are so egotistical, that it wouldn't occur to them that the grades will be really awful.

I hope Joe wouldn't succumb to tampering with the votes. I think he'd be more likely to take the poll down.

But perhaps we need to take some screen shots of the results fairly often. Just in case.

cactus said...

A naked letter grade doesn't really tell a legislator anything.

For example, I would be inclined to give the entire legislature an F for not doing anything to oppose federalization, and Tina an F-minus for actively supporting it.

But if they only see the F, without knowing the reason for it, what are they to conclude?

Saipan Writer said...

We disagree, Cactus, on federalization. But I see the problem, too, with simple letter grades.

Still, there's some perverse pleasure to be had in participating in the poll. It's a small bit of feedback we get to give, whether taken seriously or not, whether particularly helpful as a guide to future behavior or not.