Friday, September 11, 2009

Guam Hiring 20,000 Skilled Contract Workers???

According to the Inquirer Global Nation, Guam is finalizing plans to hire 20,000 contract workers from the Philippines to help with the military build-up there. But thanks to the internet where comments can often be shared quickly, there appears to also be reason for skepticism and concern.

Emmanuel GeslaniSep 10
Every time DOLE/POEA officials announce that Guam will need 20,000 workers their public statements just give illegal recruiters more credence as they go around the country enticing people to work in Guam. Roque should stop talking about Guam as this has been old news since two years ago and up to now POEA hasn't come up with a standard employment contract. What's this I hear that POEA will select only 10 agencies to handle Guam deployment? Shades of Taiwan and Korea again--"money changing hands" to be selected.

We've seen our share of recruitment scams here in the CNMI. We've heard stories about government officials getting kick-backs on hiring deals. We know the CNMI's economic road is littered with broken promises.

We hope Guam doesn't drink from the same dirty puddle.

And for those hoping to get hired, or hoping for anything--REMEMBER: IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS.

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Captain said...

What I understand is that for "H" visa workers they are not supposed to pay a fee for the services.(according to the US Govt.)

Also I know that the employer is the only one that can process the work "Visa".
Can you clarify on the Recruiter issue.

I have many request from former contract workers and have referred them to the OFW workers office in the Phil.
I have also "recruited" from the Phil. through OFW offices on my frequent trips to the Phil.
I take one of their representatives and visit job sites and walk and watch the workers during their work activities, write their employee number down on the ones that seems competent and at a later date they are called to the OFW office for an interview by me in the presence of one of the OFW officials.

The Phil Govt. has been arresting many recruiters. There has also been many prospective OFW denied departure at the airport to their overseas jobs as the paperwork is not legal, these people have already paid a big fee.

They did not go through the OFW offices.
Since they did not they do not have any insurance if something happens like death or injury.