Saturday, May 8, 2010

A bit of color

Just a few photos of the trees in the American Memorial Park parking lot. Beautiful blossoms and a beautiful day.

Let's hope the scene inside the AMP, a meeting about foreign workers' future status, will be just as pleasing in its own way.


The Saipan Blogger said...

Now that the rubber is hitting the road, I hope that things remain peaceful.

Wendy said...

Hi Jane

What kind of tree is that? Cassia?

Saipan Writer said...

Angelo, I agree with the sentiment. In spite of rhetoric and increasing crime rate, we're still a pretty peaceful island.

Wendy, I have no idea. I'm glad you've given me a name I can use as a start to finding out!

The meeting went well. We'll see how things develop.

Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Hi, nice photos and nice place. Hope to visit it one day.

The Beachcomber said...

Most likely Cassia nealii, the Rainbow shower cassia. The local name is canafistula for all varieties that include Golden & Pink showers. Their bloom schedule is the same as the flame tree. Beautiful!

Wendy said...


That's what I thought! I was given a specimen of rainbow cassia about 6 years ago from a horticulturist friend in Miami. I planted it outside my kitchen window and it grew into a large and beautiful tree in a short time. Unfortunately we were hit with a freeze that lasted over a week and the tree totally died. I was really sad to lose it. My son chopped it down last week and I replaced it with blue bamboo that can't freeze. It is a spectacular tree! (But not for Orlando, Florida.)