Monday, July 26, 2010

CNMI's Sex Offender Registry

The CNMI's Sex Offender Registry is now on-line. To get to a listing of sex offenders in Saipan, you take these steps:

1. agree to the terms of use
2. click on geographic search
3. type in the verification code that appears
4. in the geographic search area type in zip code (96950 for Saipan; 96951 for Tinian, 96952 for Rota) and click on the button to show within zip code
5. presto-a listing appears

I would encourage everyone in the CNMI to check out the listing.

If you are a parent, watch out yourself and show these to your children who may be vulnerable (provided they are mature enough to understand).

If you are dating, avoid these men. [I know-perhaps there is a gem in there who has recovered, but... We haven't yet learned how to address sexual offenders--we don't know the causes of their problematic conduct; we have limited-to-no success with rehabilitation; we see a lot of recidivism among this category of criminal offender. And sometimes there are years between episodes of criminal conduct.]

If you are a teacher, care-giver, concerned citizen, member of this community--watch and pay attention.

It's good we finally have a listing and some photos to go with it, and some publicity about this development. It isn't perfect--there are listings without photos; lots of listings where the criminal offense is missing [Hattori, Hernandez, Ikesil, Ilisari, Kaipat, Kosam, LImes, Lizama, Omar, Rabauliman, Reklai, Rios, Marce Romolor, JR Sablan, Santos, Sikyang, Taisacan, Taivero, Tamag, Tarkong, Valdez, Wisewell, Yamut). In the geographic search, Bamba shows up on the Saipan list, but he's in San Jose, Tinian; Iano an dAtalig show up on the Tinian list, but they're in Rota. --Kinks in the data input.

Some of the offenders are listed as "absconded"--meaning they have failed to register and there present whereabouts are unknown. They could be here or have left.

No doubt, also, there are other sexual predators who are not on this list, so there is no room for complacency.

Still, we are making progress in protecting our community and this on-line listing is one step in the right direction.


Saipan Writer said...

I do think they have the zip codes backwards--I think Tinian is 96952 and Rota is 96951... at least that's what the USPS Zipcode finder online says...

Anonymous said...

You are correct about "backwards" Zip codes, Tinian is 96952

Anonymous said...

Rape in other countries are death penalty... they should be confined inside bar... else... Gee!