Monday, October 11, 2010

From the North Star

I read this "viewpoint" in the North Star (the CNMI's catholic newspaper), published 10/10/2010. At first I thought it was written by someone in Saipan!

Then I hit the phrase "spending money on doughboys" and wondered if this was from the WWI era.

But no...from the bottom of the column, I learned it's from a 9/30/2010 Rhode Island Catholic newspaper. In Rhode Island,
"doughboy" is defined as "No relation to the Pillsbury softy, the Rhode Island doughboy is typically a big square of pizza dough that's deep-fried and dusted with sugar."

Change this phrase out to sashimi platters or cases of Bud, and the "viewpoint" hits home!

I've heard tell from various people about Jesus Borja campaigning at a funeral in Tinian and Juan N. Babauta at a recent funeral here in Saipan. I'm sure that the other candidates may be tempted to engage in this conduct, too.

I just wonder if any of the candidates actually read the North Star--and will have the decency to desist.

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