Monday, September 24, 2012

My new venture

I've started creating editorial cartoons. Well, I've always done this, but I've started submitting them to the Variety for publication. First one appeared Friday, September 21, 2012 with Zaldy's editorial here.
That very small writing says "Nice job cleaning up, Angel." and the little guys say "He learned it from his mother." and "Ahchoo."

This is essentially based on Angel's job as press secretary, which is more often than not having to excuse the Governor's misdeeds and neglect.  The Governor's contributions to the dung heap are so enormous that sweeping them under rug doesn't adequately hide the mess.  Angel's mom is in the little people's comments from my recollection of her at MLSC years ago, when she worked as our accountant and left in a hurry (an easy out for her) after failing to do a very good job hiding things she shouldn't have done.  Note, I added a lobster bib on Angel because of the lovely photos that had been posted on facebook showing him and Mike Ada and others on one of their many stateside trips chowing down on ginormous crustaceans.

There's also one of my cartoons in today (Monday's) Variety. Not online, though.

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