Friday, July 20, 2007

113. Harry Potter Mania

I am eagerly awaiting the 7th book, HP and the Deathly Hallows.
It's due out on 7/21/2007 BST (that's British Standard Time or British Summer Time, a/k/a Western European Summer time--TheEverHelpfulWikipedia )

Millions of people all around the world are waiting, too. One in 43 houses in England will be having the book delivered by post. DarkMarkReports (7/19/2007)


I have a copy that will be delivered by post to me in Saipan, but I'll also be standing in line getting a quicker copy! Can't wait, you know. Others are also having trouble getting the book on time.

Israel is threatening bookstores that will open on the Shabbat to sell HP. MugglenetReports (7/19/2007).

In the meantime, some in the U.S. have gotten theirs early--causing Scholastic to sue the distributers. ScholasticSues

And the NYT has already published a review of the book WITH SPOILERS! Aack! (But if you want to read it, NYTReviewofHP )

But CBS has vowed to not spoil the reading pleasure for all of the 21st (the scheduled day of release).

In the meantime, we're watching the latest release of HP movies--the Order of the Phoenix, and reading magazines and newspapers reporting on the various HP stars.


The "Weasley" twins, James and Oliver Phelps. They are in Japan, having arrived at Narita International Airport today (7/19/2007), and are giving out autographs. VeritaserumReports
Too bad I wasn't flying then!

What do you think will happen? I'm reviewing my predictions--SaipanwriterPredicts-- one more time and trying not to be too single-tracked in my focus on the Harry.

So any last thoughts on what will happen?
(Addendum: 2 characters die. Who will they be?
I'm guessing--1. Lord Voldemort and 2. Ron. I have to believe that Harry does in Voldie. It just HAS to happen. And I know I said in my predictions that I hope that Wormtail does in Snape, but I don't think Snape will die. I think Harry will continue to wrestle his hate of Snape, and have to balance his own ability to love with his willingness to hate.
So I think Draco Malfoy or his father either resists killing Hermione, despite their loathing of muggle-borns and Draco's jealousy, or that Ron takes the hit. But I'm guessing Ron dies. And I'll cry--especially for Mrs. Weasley, who will be devastated, and proven anything but silly.)

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