Monday, August 20, 2007

124. About Debt, the Economy,Larry Lee Hillblom and cheap, tasteless humor

Here's an interesting article from the Washington Post. "Maxxed-Out Man" Scurlock Right on the Money

It tells about the looming crisis in the credit industry, and for all Americans, and touts a movie that aired in March 2007 (now available on DVD) where Scurlock predicted problems that are now starting to be seen.

The last paragraph on page 3, though, is especially interesting to those of us in the CNMI. This movie mogul has a "next" project--on Larry Lee Hillblom, his death, and the paternity suit/probate fall-out. Now that's going to be an interesting movie!

(Thanks to Dan MacMeekin for the heads-up.)

And while we're on movies, here's a "movie" poster that's circulating. Found it at WryttenWyrd's blog. Provenance unknown. That would be cheap, tasteless humor.


Silly Socrates said...

Silly thinks he looks almost like Johnny Depp.


Saipan Writer said...

Silly, thanks for stopping by. I thought you were posing questions? But since you didn't, I have one for you?

Who is "he" in your sentence? (George Bush? Silly Socrates?)

I think Silly Socrates looks like a relative of Buddha. :-)