Saturday, January 5, 2008

178. Where the CNMI stands in the Iraq War

I found this at Boni's deployment blog--Breathe...breathe...hooah...hooah.
The CNMI is second (to American Samoa) in number of casualties per capita in the Iraq War. (Click on post title for link to full list.)

At San Vicente Church, they lit a candle for each person who died in 2007. Death happens, whether we're in the military or not. But for those who die in combat, or otherwise, far away from home, I feel especially sad. Our military persons who are killed in war are mostly young men and women--their lives a heavy price to pay for war.

I'm opposed to the war in Iraq. I think President Bush and America were wrong for starting it, and are wrong for continuing it. And we've made a mess that may take generations for healing and recovery. I would like to see individuals say no to war and refuse to participate in it.

But I sincerely hope and pray for each soldier or other military person who has made a different decision--who has enlisted, who is facing deployment, who is already there, or returned with battle scars (emotional or physical).

May you find peace in 2008. May you return safely to your family. May God bless you.

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lil_hammerhead said...

The CNMI and Am. Samoa have gone back and forth a couple of times on that one. It's terrible.