Wednesday, January 9, 2008

182. A Popular New Year's Resolution-Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking (along with improved diet and more exercise and losing weight) is a very popular New Year's resolution. For all of you who've added this one to your list, I say-good luck, go for it, great!

I don't smoke, but for all of you out there who do, and who have made a New Year's Resolution to quit, I pass along this information.

CGC has a program that starts tomorrow, January 10, 2008. You "register" for the program by calling 323-QUIT (323-7848).

The program is FREE, and provides FREE nicotine-replacement gum, FREE nic-patches, FREE meds to ease the craving (Chantix). Research shows that these things work best in conjunction with counseling. So CGC has this set-up: To get this free help, you go to meetings. The first one is Thursday, 1/10/2008 at 1PM until 2:30 PM at Conference Room 3, new wing of CHC. The program lasts 9 weeks and ends approximately 3/6/2008.

It's not a perfect offer--I asked how could people who work go to these meetings? Doctors, lawyers, teachers--people with any job, really--are needed on the job typically during the day.

CGC recognizes that its first program schedule isn't user-friendly for these possible hopefuls. They do want to add another program (after this first 9 week one?) that will be in evenings.

But if you're interested in finding solutions to make this New Year's Resolution happen, you can contact CGC. They want to help.

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