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The Campaign for a Monument-in Links.

The environment is not a partisan issue whose politics should divide us, but a shared legacy whose preservation must unite us.

from this Jane Lubchenco profile

I imagine there will be more interest in the CNMI and our newly created national marine monument now that President Bush has made the official designation. Here are some links culled from past discussions on various topics.

There are some gaps. These are just some of the links available with relevant information. Enjoy.

Designation of the Monument
Text of Monument Proclamation

The President's Speech

Governor Fitial's Statement. This includes his completely unfair stab at Pew Charitable Trust, which did not wage a divisive campaign but was attacked by John Gourley in HIS divisive campaign.

Who's Going to Be in Charge?
The Designation says Commerce through NOAA and Interior, with co-management by the CNMI. The big question is whether it will be NOAA Sanctuaries, or NOAA Wespac. Some information to help sort through the matter.

Obama's new NOAA pick . A scientist. Perhaps we'll see what difference it can make to have a scientist at the helm, one who is very aware of the problems caused by over-fishing (and possibly the problems with Wespac power).

Jane Lubchenco. A brief review. Last bit on a national ocean service (like national park service) is especially interesting.

Wespac problem--illegal & costly meeting.

Wespac under investigation. Worth reading because Wespac has a lot of power over what happens here.

More on Wespac.

Illegal fishing in proposed monument area. This talks about problems with illegal fishing in the area originally proposed for the monument. It's unclear whether these fishing boats were in the area now actually designated, but they were still within the US EEZ.

What is it like in the Monument waters?
Beautiful. Unique. Amazing...

About Maug. One of the three northernmost islands where the monument includes the surrounding nearshore (50 miles)waters.

Uracas. The nothernmost CNMI island whose waters are included within the boundaries of the monument.

Asuncion. Another of the three northernmost islands, whose waters are included within the monument boundaries.

Amazing creatures of the Trench from Lil Hammerhead.

Mammals of the Monument from Lil Hammerhead.

Woods Hole to explore Marianas Trench. Something to look forward to.

Undersea eruption. This is a sea vent near Rota, not in the boundaries of the monument as originally proposed, but protected by the actual monument, which included these types of small miracles.

NOAA video from the Ring of Fire. Smokers, liquid carbon and other wonders here.

Ocean Legacy. Tons of information about various aspects of the Marianas Trench and the national marine monument.

Visitor Attractions
The Monument will draw attention to the CNMI. We will have more to offer to our tourist visitors.

Coral Spawning. A natural attraction for tourists and residents alike.

Mike Tripp on coral spawning. More great information.

Sant Ocean Hall. Gives an idea of what we can do in the CNMI with our visitor's center.

Hawaii's Visitor Center. Here's another version of possible visitor's center.

Safety first-Emergency First Response. Some reassurance for those diving in the CNMI.

The Economy
We hope for improvement, and the attention a national marine monument will bring us could help.

What jobs were created by Papahanaumokuakea Marine Monument . Relevant to give us an idea what new jobs we might see here.

Iverson Report. On the possible economic impact of the Marine Monument.

The Scientific Support for Conservation

Olson's Emptied Oceans--video Why we need marine monuments.

Scientists' Consensus Statement in Support of Marine Reserves. Brilliant.

The Concept Behind the Proposal.

Links to many articles and reprint of David Suzuki's interview.

On fishing.

Grave peril.

On the Current State of Our Oceans.

COMPASS on the state of our oceans. COMPASS has Jane Lubchenco as one of its founders, so this is especially interesting since she will be our new NOAA head (if confirmed by the Senate).

On Jane Lubchenco. This has great links to the decline in our oceans and collapse of fisheries caused by fishing pressure, and expresses hope in our soon-to-bo NOAA chief executive.

Graphic evidence of harm from fishing.

Some History of the CNMI's marine monument
There's more than shown here. But this gives the gist of the situation.

Mike Tripp's summary-10/20/2008. There is a lot of good information on Mike's blog in general, as well as at this particular link.

The Community Meeting in Saipan.

Please Make It Stop. My lament about some of the stupid comments from our elected leaders during the course of the campaign to have the monument designated.

Low down shenanigans.

A list of links to letters-pro & con --9/8/2008.

CNMI Department of Fish & Wildlife Opposes Monument.

More local opposition to the Monument-outrageously in the name of conservation.

NPR story-All Things Considered-5/23/2008

About the Law
Looking at Marine Monument Law.


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