Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Senator Obama Is Sworn In As President of the USA

He's so eager. He can't wait!

Obama has his hand raised before the Chief Justice. He starts his recitation before Chief Justice Roberts has finished his first phrase.

And then his excitement gives him that momentary brain-freeze, from which he recovers quickly and smoothly. Well, it seemed like that to me, but the Washington Post says it was Chief Justice Roberts who messed it up.

Obama is a real person, an endearing man. Wow!

And then there's his inaugural speech.

Worth reading.


cactus said...

I also thought that it was Roberts who got nervous. He kept going with the first line of the oath without noticing that Obama had already started repeating, then he forgot "faithfully" and got all tangled up trying to put it back in. He also said President "to" the United States (instead of "of"). It was cool, though. Roberts really needs the humanizing more than Obama.

I'm just glad Obama didn't leave out the "Hussein." I think that speaks well of him.

Saipan Writer said...

Do we want our Chief Justice of the United States to be human? hahaha! Yeah, it did make Roberts seem more like a normal person.

Nice comment on the name, Cactus.