Tuesday, June 30, 2009

International Thespian Festival news

I've posted a long report on the International Thespian Festival on the CNMI Competitions blog, if you're interested.

A quick summary of some of the notable highlights:

19 TWPI students, 8 advisors/chaperones from Saipan.

About 2000 students from around the world (mostly the mainland USA, but also Dubai and of course, the CNMI).

More than 500 students competing in Individual Events (IEs).

4 TWPI students on the honorable mentions list (meaning they earned the highest overall rating-superior-given by the judges in their IEs): Aisha Joyner and Akeiko Dela Cruz in the top 6 of Duet Acting; Sung Yul (Tommy) Baik and Moon Hyo Lee in the top 9 of Mime.

And a new TWPI college auditions callback record--Kay Park (technical theatre--costume design; set design; and photography) with 21 colleges or universities putting her on their recruitment lists.

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