Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I've been getting mail from MoveOn.org for years now. I frequently add my name to the petitions, but have had no opportunity to do so whenever the petition is aimed at the U.S. Congress. That's because, based on my information and zip code, I've never had a congressman to whom my voice could be directed.

Today, I got the first MoveOn.org invitation to sign a petition where a copy would go to Congressman Sablan (Kilili).

Our man in Congress.

Perhaps it's because I've been living here for 24 years without this power that makes this simple matter seem so amazing. Being able to speak, and be heard, after long years of silence...


The Saipan Blogger said...

Now if we could only get usajobs.com to add us in.

Saipan Writer said...

I think we'd need some jobs to get added there, right?