Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 Days Down, 4 Years 363 Days to Go...

Governor Fitial has been in office on his new term for 2 days. And today's news is staggering--both entertaining and awful.

The Variety reports that Governor Fitial had DPS bring over a federally-detained prisoner, held at DOC by federal court order because she was deemed a flight risk. Why did she visit Governor Fitial? To give him a massage.

I wondered why the CNMI'S First Lady was looking so angry and why Governor Fitial looked like he was stone-walling in this Inauguration Day photo in the Trib by Haidee Eugenio:

Now we can guess!

Okay--so you already know. The comments on the Variety site and on Wendy's blog are great (and numerous).

But just in case those forums aren't enough for you to vent your feelings, feel free to comment here, too.

Some thoughts:
1. The feds really do need to get their own detention facility. The CNMI DOC is not safe, secure, or free from influence and pressure.

2. I always thought Governor Fitial was smart. I don't like him as a Governor; I disagree with his policies, politics, and priorities, but I thought him intelligent.

3. Was this the stupid mistake that a smart person can make? Was this done because he's in pain and really does depend on this massage therapy? Was it a stupid weakness and desire for some relationship? Or was this an excuse to meet with this woman for some other reason? Is he involved in her legal entanglements? Or worse, involved with her in some illegal activity?

4. The Governor seems to be surrounded by suspicious and criminal or corrupt people: his former lieutenant governor Tim Villagomez is in federal prison for corruption related to the utilities company; his former driver was just sentenced on a federal charge related to ice/methamphetamine; and now his masseuse has been arrested for attempting illegal entry into Guam.

5. We need information. Suspicions are poison. Some of us will believe the worst of Governor Fitial (despite Joaquin Romolor's pleasant letter). Some of us will defend him, no matter what (and probably because we're depending on him for a paycheck or favor). But no matter which side we're on, we need information so that we can be honest, make informed opinions.

and that gets me to this question...

6. Why didn't the Tribune report on this matter? At least as hard news, to the extent that the Federal Court asked for a report from the AG on why the governor did this, or what happened, etc. The Trib has its bent in favor of Fitial, but it usually at least includes the real news.

7. And one last comment. The federal government's motion language, as reported on Wendy's blog, seems mild. They want to "determine whether any prejudice was caused thereby." I guess they're letting the facts speak for themselves.

It is always interesting in Saipan; news is entertainment! Politics is side-splitting funny.

Too bad we need to laugh to keep from crying.


The Saipan Blogger said...

He should resign. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will be an indictment soon.

Anonymous said...

The careers of many politicians have ended for much less than this. Using a female inmate at your personal residence for a physical service for ANY REASON is disgusting! This animal is a disgrace.