Saturday, January 30, 2010


Friday night at the Multi-Purpose Center saw an interesting blend of western and Asian cultures. The SSHS Manta Band performed. First the advanced band 1 played 2 pieces, Arirang and Caprice. Most of these students have been playing music for just 1 1/2 school years, yet their performance was enjoyable and enthusiastic.

Then the Manta advanced band 2 played 3 pieces. The first was a piece by John Chance that they will perform at Central Park in NYC this April. The other two, which will be played at Carnegie Hall in NYC in April, were more familiar--Invincible Eagle by John Phillip Sousa and a Duke Ellington piece.

Their performance was greeted with much applause from the crowd, which was sold out and standing room only (with people standing in the back!).

After a short break, the audience watched a group of Korean dancers drum and march; then a dance called "yard of drums;" and then three acts of a Korean dance/story. I loved the gongs in the first piece. The women drumming in the second piece were mesmerizing. And then the rest of the show was swirling skirts, graceful movement, strong rhythms and an enchanting, but slightly eerie music.

I couldn't help but realize how little I know culturally of this type of dance and I wonder how much I missed. But even from my very limited point of view, it was a beautiful and impressive performance.

When it was over the two groups exchanged greetings and offers of friendship and posed for many photographs.

Manta Band and Korean dancers.

The Korean dancers, who had arranged and scheduled the entire show, donated the proceeds to the Manta Band for their April Carnegie Hall trip.

Joseph Jang and Craig Garrison with the donations box.

The Korean Dance group also gave a $1,000 donation to the Manta Band. SSHS Principal Craig Garrison expressed thanks and was all smiles throughout the evening. The generous donation from Mr. Park and the entire Korean Dance group will be used for the Manta's Carnegie Hall trip.


The Saipan Blogger said...

April in New York? I should go up and blog about it. Do you know how to get tickets?

Bon said...

Hi there. If you get a minute this week, can you give me a call. It's regarding the band.

Saipan Writer said...

Sorry, Bon, I've been swamped. What's your phone number?