Thursday, November 29, 2007

166. On a Lighter Note--Bad Sex Awards

Thanks to Wrytten Wyrd and Janice Harayda for spreading the word about the Guardian's recent award for the 2007 worst passage about sex in a "literary" form.

The winner: Norman Mailer--The Castle in the Forest. Just too funny! He's got "the Hound," battering ram and piety all tied up in one paragraph.

Some of the other contenders stretch imaginative phrasing to the limit: "keyhole in the door", "streamers of heat", "tropical fish" butt, "private geometry," all made me smile. But my personal fave: "a powerful ethnic muscle scented by bitter melon." HAHAHAHA! That last from ABSURDISTAN by Gary Shteyngart.

Click the title of this post if you want to read more! ROFLMAO!

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Robin S. said...

I love these awards- I hadn't realized it was that time again.
Thanks, you all!