Saturday, March 8, 2008

198. Winners and more winners!

Today was an insane day in the world of student competitions. Regional competitions for Math Court, PGFC, and Thespians! The finals of Mock Trial!

There were students, parents, teachers and coaches actively about in Susupe--especially at the events at Guma Hustitia and MHS.

Congrats to Mount Carmel students who won the Mock Trial competition. Each year the competition steps up another notch. MBA continues to set the bar high and turn in stellar performances. This year, though, the students from MCS consistently advocated and acted through the entire grueling competition, and won the votes of the judges. [Pictures from the final competition--not great, but what I have.]

Great job to all, including the coordinators, coaches, competitors, judges, jurors, and the unsung heroes who simply did small but necessary jobs.

And thanks to Hal Easton and all the teachers and judges who made the Math Court, PGFC, and Thespians competitions happen. The competitions provide an important showcase of talent among our students.


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