Tuesday, March 25, 2008

203. Free Rice

Test your vocabulary acumen and donate rice to the hungry.

But watch out--this game is addictive. (I played quickly-got to 500 grains of rice, and then quit cold turkey. Otherwise, I might stay all day!)

I think English teachers everywhere could use this and have their students learning, having fun, and doing good!


Wendy said...

We promote this at our school of 4,300 as a way to prepare for the SAT test, have fun, and help those in need. It's win-win learning! Another cool site is Oxfam -they have a hunger banquet experience that is amazing: http://www.hungerbanquet.org/

Saipan Writer said...

Thanks for the oxfam link, Wendy.

Neat stuff.

Melissa said...

Wow, Jane, you're right... totally addictive. I love it! For a word junie like me, this is great! I wish I had had this for LSAT prep.

Saipan Writer said...

Hi Melissa!

I'm not a word junkie, but I'm addicted. I'm pretty good at guessing, too.