Thursday, March 13, 2008

200. Jake!

Gotta love this poster!
(Thanks, Angelo.)

But in all the excitement about this up-coming concert, don't forget to catch the PLAY BUFFET. Last performances are today and Friday March 13 and 14, at AMP. Just $5.

And now, for a taste of Jake's music (a la Japan tour).


wad said...

So thanks for commenting on my blog. I don't usually get visitors other than my friends, so it's nice when someone else reads it :)

Anyways, I didn't know where else to reply to your comments, so I'm gonna write them here. First off, I'd like to say that I'm insanely jealous that you get to go to the Jake Shimabukuro concert. He's like a ukulele god and I really want to see him play (Other than in YouTube vids). Secondly, I noticed your other blog which is about theater, which I think is awesome. I'm involved in a theater group here in college and I'm really enjoying it, even though I haven't acted (and am reluctant to). I'm more of a techie :P

Okay. To answer your question: I think the biggest factor is motivation. Are kids motivated enough to pursue an education off the island? However, I know that this isn't the entire reason. For many students, it's financial reasons that force them to stay on the island. Or family reasons as well. Or maybe they didn't get the grades to be accepted to other universities/colleges in the mainland. I don't exactly know what makes students decide to stay on Saipan, but I'm guessing the reasons I posed above are good possibilities.

However, I do know why people want to leave. Many of the reasons why I wanted to leave apply to many of the students leaving Saipan to pursue higher education elsewhere. For me, I didn't believe that NMC could offer me a quality education. I wanted to go to a good school, so that when I graduate, I'll be able to get a good job. I also wanted to get away from the island. Growing up on the island is nice, but there comes a point in a teenager's life when he/she gets sick of this place and wants to leave. Besides, it's not like the island offers so many opportunities. There's the entire world out there to be explored, and that's what I wanted to do. See the rest of the world. I guess what it really boils down to is if someone wants it enough. I WANTED to leave. And I know many students felt the same way.

If the daughter you're concerned about is the 13-year-old theater nerd, then I don't think there's much to worry about at the moment. She still has to go through high school, and that's four years. She probably is an intelligent girl, so she'll probably get accepted to good colleges. I think that if you want her to pursue education off the island, you have to actively encourage her to do so. If my parents hadn't encouraged me to pursue education elsewhere, I might have been more reluctant and less motivated to leave.

I hope that answers your question. Oh, and sorry for the long comment >_<

Jane said...

Thanks for visiting back and commenting, answering my question.

I'm glad to hear you say that your parents' encouragement helped.