Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Did any one else find this bit in yesterday's Saipan Tribune ironic?

The governor said the Subcommittee and the people of the Commonwealth are entitled to know exactly how much Fiscal Year 2009 funding has been spent to prepare for the implementation of federalization, how much more will be expended in the remaining months of FY 2009, and whether DHS is depending in part on funding being sought for FY 2010, “buried somewhere in the Department's request for $55.1 billion.”

Governor Fitial HAS been listening to Tina Sablan, after all! While he denies that the people of the CNMI have a right to know what our CNMI government is spending to fight federalization, he is insisting we have a right to know how much the US government is spending to implement it.


I think we have a right to know about all of it--both the CNMI and US expenditures.

Judge Wiseman is moving cautiously, but he is moving the Open Government Act case toward final resolution.

No more delays!

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wendy said...

This is a remarkable observation!