Saturday, May 9, 2009

More MFL photos

Finally, a chance to get back to the photos and upload them. You can see the "Ascot" photos in my earlier post.

These are in no particular order. And you'll notice a complete absence of the stars "Henry Higgins" (Rich Hamilton), "Colonel Pickering" (Frank Gibson), and "Freddy" (Paul Dujua). My apologies. I didn't really think I'd take as many photos as I did, so I'm surprised to see how much I do have, but there are obvious holes in the collection. I hope someone else will share their photos to get a better flavor of the full production.

The line out the door-Saturday night.

The set:

Lots of support:

Miss Eliza Doolittle

The favorite bar and friends of Alfred P. Doolittle:

Back-stage dressing for the Embassy Ball:

The Maids of Henry Higgins:

Some Cockneys:


Gatto999 said...

Nice photos !...

Ciao from Italy

ML said...

That 3rd to the last picture of AnnaRose is adorable!