Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NaNoWriMo--Elsewhere::Micronesia --heading into week 4

We have some new names coming up on the Scoreboard! We are writers!

Based on the official tally, we've written 486,000+ words-nearly half a million! If you added in the word counts from those who have not officially set their home region, we'd be over that line!

If you know those who have word counts who have not yet homed with our region, please encourage them to do so.

Edit: Photo courtesy of Brian a/k/a Applejuicebri (with edits per request)

Leo Babauta: 82,556
ekatlyte: 72,811 (not homed) EDIT: now homed with us!
Sea Phoenix /Shannon Giel: 42,562
Applejuicebri: 41,322
Cjcarino/ Carlo: 44,300
Lickmydisaster: 41,002
Samwriterchick: 37,463
Twerksie: 13,053
Itchy671: 8,357
Sunne: 5,213 (not homed)
Maddiemaer: 3,842
Roott: 3,379
Pandaluv: 1,638 (not homed)
Tenshi-bozu: 1,180
T_Tell: 337
Patty-watty: 308 (not homed)

Saipanwriter/(me): 45,877
Lisswain/ Lis Swain: 33,083
Anna Passion/Anna Rose DLG: 25,061
Josemango/Joe Race: 17,989
Roseanna/ Roseanna Sablan: 8,537
Darkangel: 1,969
Wheaty2008/Matt Wheat: 1,762

Undisclosed Location:
Aomiles: 36,727
Rice: 7,003
Ahimes: 2,084
Cl832: 001

We are 385/484 in total words.
We are 216/484 in donations.
We are 134/484 in average words per wrimo!

Go Elsewhere::Micronesia writers!

For a look back--where we were last week, see this post.

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