Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Printer Ribbon

We can send Howard Willens to Washington, D.C. the minute we hear that the Court has dismissed the initial 2 counts of the case fighting federalization of our CNMI immigration.

But we are helpless to obtain printer ribbon to issue permits to the people here trying to renew their entry permits.

For about 2 weeks now, our office has been hearing how CNMI Immigration doesn't yet have the renewal permits ready because they're still waiting on printer ribbon. Yeah. Right.


Anonymous said...

I was in the Immigration office today and the are in such a sate of confusion..they screamed at me ...they don't know when the entry permits will be avaiable!
Been waiting over a month for the IR card. For three weeks I had answers such as the government did not pay the printing fees to the company that prints the plastic cards,to they are out of ink Tempers are flaring there. Those without the approved entry cards are getting angry too!

captain said...

why is this not surprising, it is like everything else this govt. does, past and present.
They wait until a couple of weeks before the Feds take over before some thinks of a way to try and "screw" the Feds.

Then with the incompetence in that agency they actually expect for people to actually do their job. And nobody can ever think about ordering more than one consumable items for spare or stock, then they have to jump through hoops to get any office supplies.
Somebody there should just buy it to get on with the project, like the teachers do when they don't have stock.

But possible that it is not available as somebody in the Govt "got a deal" from one of their relatives to purchase something that is obsolete or not available consumables or parts.
Also probably no other agency has this type of "printer"
And we will have 5 more of this and this agency will handle the "local" labor.

No wonder many of the locals have any jobs (the one's that actually want to work)
What will really be bad is if this "umbrella' turns out to be worthless,Or the Feds change everything and give a status to the workers. (which would have happened if the other team got in office)
But this Gov will not request it and now he doesn't care about anything as he cannot run again, so he will trash everything and run the rest into the ground.

Anonymous said...

The CNMI goverenment is like a boonie dog that died six months ago..and dosen't know it.

on the front line said...

Many CW's and IR's were waiting in line at 6:00 am this morning. Two lines for CW's and 240D IR's. After waiting four hours in rain,with no movement in the IR line, many just shrugged, gave up and left.At 10:00AM Hershbein led a group of overstayers into the office to process papers. Much anger was expressed by the CW's and IR's waiting in the unmoving lines. Never have I seen so many angry and sullen faces in a crowd before.
Hershbein and Cody look like their blood pressure levels are very high.

on the front lines said...

A very nervous and confused Jerry Cody has just announced to the waiting CW's and IR's that Immigration will stay open until 12:00 midnight this evening to try and complete the "umbrella process".
Since the rain stopped the lines are getting longer.

Anonymous said...

When did you move to Saipan, Jane? 1985?

You should well know the logistical difficulties of keeping items in stock on a geographically isolated island.

At least we still have daily passenger service.

Saipan Writer said...

Anon 11/29 6:41--

What are you saying? That because we have some difficulties getting things, this is a legitimate excuse for months of excuses in not issuing actual entry permit cards?

I've been here since 1984. I know that we have difficulty buying things at retail outlets because they frequently run out.

I also know that the government officials were just as much aware as I was of the problematic nature of deliveries here. And good leaders would have been able to and would have prepared for the situation.

There was no good excuse to be unable to provide actual card entry permits for months! Printer ribbons, like anything else, can be shipped in within days.

Lame excuses.

The Saipan Blogger said...

That was a Bruce Bateman comment, if I ever heard one. We have this wonderful new invention called the Internet where we can magically order things from a magic screen using a magic plastic wand and then they magically appear in our mailbox a few days later.

Captain said...

It is called foresight, planning,knowing your job, like purcahseing the same type of equipment in the Govt so it can cut the espense on orders of consumables. But that is what this govt and many business lack.
I have ordered materials to arrive on schedule from the US mainland and Pacific areas for various jobs over the years also spare parts for machinery to be on hand. Gotten emergency spares in 24 hours from the US mainland etc.
So distance is not an exscuse.
Job knowledge and proper supervision from political appointees is the problem like all of the agencies here.
Also actually showing up for work is also another for the Sup..

KAP said...

The problem with a lame excuse is that at some point you might have to defend it with something even more lame.

It's simple to borrow a printer from another office and load the driver.