Friday, November 13, 2009

On the CEC

It takes some courage to admit you were wrong, especially in the face of lots of publicity. The CEC is apparently willing to reconsider its decision on what is meant in our CNMI Constitution by the phrase "votes cast" and change its mind.

Where it said before that "votes cast" included all ballots, whether a vote was indicated for the legislative and popular initiatives or not, it has now concluded, according to Tina Sablan's report (and Lani Walker on KSPN news?), that the phrase "votes cast" means actual votes on the initiatives indicating a yes or no.

Thank you.

This preserves our CNMI Constitution.

I don't like the results of the election as to some of the initiatives, but what else is new?!


captain said...

It is interesting to look at this CEC, look at all of the differing counts and this ruling between them and the AG office and wonder how much outside influence is being put on them.
The AGO to make an interpretation like that also seems like "following orders" Especially when they do not stand strong like it was a true (in their mind) interpretation of the Constitution.

Over the last 4 years in particular if you look back at many of the decisions that the AGO has made on many things,(concerning the Govt.) most, if not all are questionable, from the retirement fund, the Law suit, the refusal to honor the OAG,(Tina)the withholding and inaccurate info given under ordere by the court,(Tina) and many more instances.
This make you wonder, and then you hear or read letters and comments from some of the past AG lawyers.
I would think that there are many "illegal" thing going on in that office.
Now if Comacho ends up as the Ag (pending this runoff)that would seem to be illegal.
I don't know I am not a lawyer.

Saipan Writer said...

1. I don't think there would be anything illegal about Joe Camacho being named AG. He's a lawyer.

I don't think the position would necessarily be a reward for his support. I think his support would be given with or without any promise by BF for a job.

2. In a way it's reassuring that the CEC is willing to correct its mistakes. But in another, it's disturbing that they make mistakes that could be easily avoided with a little bit of caution.

3. For some reason, in the CNMI, the AG's office has often been a lightning rod for discussion, dissent, and complaints. Possibly because they are so much in the public eye. Possibly because they could do a better job.

I suspect that some of it, though, is that they don't get PR for some of the very good stuff they've done, so there is no balance in people's perception of their work.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tina Sablan and whoever helped her.... Jeez.... most of the idiots that voted had no idea what they were voting for..and didn't really care. Bring on the beer and BBQ. Sit back,kick back and watch this place go to hell in a hurry. No worries...Good ole Uncle Sam will bail us out..again....

Anonymous said...

It takes some stupidity to come up with some of the decisions the CEC has come up with. Remember the original ballots?