Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lend Me A Tenor-success!!!

The play is hilarious. The actors are amazingly good at bringing the crisp dialogue and farce to life.

The costumes, designed by students, are also fabulous. We used pieces that we had on our FOA and Thespian costume racks, where possible, but we had some designs created. The seamstresses at Dollar Days, Unity Trade and Xiu Yi helped transform two-dimensional drawings into real costumes.

Bellhop by Haeri Kim

Diana, evening, by Rozette Bunao

Diana, day, by Helen Choi

Mr. Saunders by Rozette Bunao

Maria Merelli by Donna Monton

Maggie, evening, by Allison Madamba

Maggie, day, by Rochelle Dimipilis

Tito Merelli, day, by Donna Monton

Tito as Otello by Lara Lleva

You can see more photos of LEND ME A TENOR in rehearsal at the student competition site here.


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