Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Out of the Frying Pan...

Tuesday evening, about 7 PM-beautiful red crescent moon. Later last night-glorious stars in deep black sky studded with clouds. More cadena de amor shrouding trees and vegetation in the wilder parts of Saipan.

So Governor Fitial has decided that Dolores San Nicolas Aldan should no longer be the head of the Department of Corrections. Instead, she will be a special assistant on political affairs. And the Governor has nominated Ray Mafnas to the DOC post.

Well, I don't know why we're now calling relationships with "masseuse therapists" political affairs--just plain old affairs seems more appropriate. Why are we wasting money keeping Dolores San Nicolas Aldan on the government payroll? What price loyalty? or is that silence?

But the real problem is appointing Ray Mafnas to any post with this much power.

Mafnas was most recently "senior policy adviser" -another term for muscle, I think. Whenever Fitial wants something checked out--to bring someone into line?--he calls on Ray Mafnas.

Being on hand when the Governor met with DPS protesters wanting a raise.

Checking out why Jose Itibus didn't show up at the swearing in.

Even enforcing a ban on smoking and chewing betelnut at public places.

Mafnas is a man who wields his power with a heavy hand.

Thought to be behind the ouster of Clyde Norita from DPS.

Wanting to control all government employee transfers.

I suppose being the governor's muscle may be experience in "corrections." No question he has some degree in criminal justice and has previously filled in at both DOC and DPS. Still, I think this is a bad appointment.

Political payback or just a thin clique from which to draw. What a shame for us.


Anonymous said...

Fitial said he has instructed Public Lands Secretary John Del Rosario to write Flame Sako a letter, informing them to put in additional substantial investment by Sept. 4 or its conditional permit will be revoked.

It is now February, 2010, and Flame Sako still has not invested anything substantial and they still have the conditional permit.

Anonymous said...

Where is Flame Sako's investment? Come to think of it, what happened to their office on middle road?

Anonymous said...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Anonymous said...

Ray must have upset Ben over something. This is a demotion. Ray hates working in Corrections.

Saipan Writer said...

Interesting perspective, anon.