Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mock Trial

Congrats to the participants and winners of the Mock Trial Competition in Saipan 2010.

First place winners: MOUNT CARMEL SCHOOL. Final tally was 6 to 3 in their favor. They will travel to Philadelphia for the national competition in May 2010.

Second place winners: MARIANAS BAPTIST SCHOOL. Hard fought. Good job.

Third place winners: SAIPAN SOUTHERN HIGH SCHOOL. They're already talking about next year!

Fourth place winners: ROTA HIGH SCHOOL. First time in the winners circle and great performance.

Team Professionalism award: MARIANAS HIGH SCHOOL. This award speaks volumes. Congrats.

EDIT: The individual awards (best prosecution attorney, witness, best defense attorney, witness): MHS student Christian Cruz won for Best Prosecution Witness; MCS student Anastasia Schweiger won for Best Defense Witness. MBA student Yonghwa Choi for Best Prosecution Attorney. MBA student Jessica Dong Hee Lee for Best Defense Attorney.

The competition was very good. The students worked very hard and show tremendous talent and promise. Wow!

EDIT: Newspaper stories here : Variety article, and Tribune.

Photo by Haidee Eugenio, Saipan Tribune
Team members: Ryan Ortizo, Maria Balajadia, Janella Revilla, Kevin Bautista, Hazel Doctor, Keno San Pablo, Geza BAka, Anastasia Schweiger

The mango trees have reddish yellow buds on them--incipient fruits. The flowers (bouganvillea, cadena de amor, even pointsettia) are bright and glorious. But it's starting to feel a bit dry. There are some trees with brittle seed pods and few leaves.

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