Thursday, March 4, 2010

Looking Forward-April in New York

Bright and sunny now. It rained yesterday morning and there was a lovely rainbow in the southwest. I saw a single yellow sulphur butterfly while driving on the road near NMC and remembered the past, when there would be clouds of them "crossing the road" at times.

The SSHS Manta Ray Band is looking forward to springtime in New York City. They will be there from April 17 to April 21, 2010 to participate in the New York International Music Festival. They have a busy schedule in that short time.

Their two key performances will be on Monday (late morning/afternoon?) at Central Park bandshell and on Tuesday at 2 PM at Carnegie Hall. The second performance is an adjudicated event; if they do well (and we are hopefully confident and confidently hopeful), they may win awards, which will be presented after an 8 PM evening show performed by Stockton California musicians (the San Joaquin Delta College Symphonic Band and the Stockton Wind Ensemble).

If you are interested in tickets to the Carnegie Hall events (2 PM performance, evening awards), you can get tickets at the Carnegie Hall Box Office. No cost for the afternoon performance; $20 for the evening show.

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