Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some Photos

It's night. Cool, some showers.

I'm very slow at getting these posted, but here are some photos from the small party held in honor of P. Fred Kluge. Fred is a writer and professor at Kenyon College (Ohio). His connection with Micronesia goes back to the Trust Territory days. Party was at the residence of Jim and Florence Kirby.

Fred is a journalist and novelist, but my favorite piece of his writing is the non-fiction book, EDGE OF PARADISE, about Micronesia and the movers and shakers in the days of the break-up of the old Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.

At one point, Jim brought out his copy of EDGE OF PARADISE, a first or early edition that has been badly eaten by termites. Jim hangs on to this because it is unique--on his travels through the old TTPI, he sought out all of the people mentioned in the book, and has signatures from them in it.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Jane,
This is off topic but I want to hear your legal views on the umbrella permit. Whom are we going to listen, Ombudsman(Pamela Brown) or CNMI Labor(Cinta Kaipat). Most of us CGW are still confused. Do we still need to renew our permit to the Labor office or not. I read this blog everyday. THanks

Saipan Writer said...

I'm working on a blog post on that topic.

Thanks for your interest.