Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Real News!

This morning-dark grey clouds everywhere, but still sunshine. White birds en masse circling above the trees by the beach. Lots of coconuts and pugua presently available. The first small mangos now being made into coco.

While the Variety's headline news concerns the first big gaffe, I mean bill, passed by the CNMI Legislature (trying to continue CNMI control over alien labor), the real news is the US Congress's passage of health care reform.

Angelo has a blog post that captures some of some of the color of the process and the final passage excitement.

Understanding this new law will take effort and lots of reading. Some resources:
New York Times questions and answers.

Washington Post tool-what it means to me.

Saipan Tribunearticle and what's in it for the CNMI.

As for me, I'm glad that some health care reform passed, but it will take a lot more work and focus to bring this to realization, all the while the Republicans will continue their efforts to undermine it.

Democracy is strange at times.

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