Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Photo from NYC

Another pre-dawn light rain. Dogs barking in the night. Crescent moon.

Thanks to Rose Cuison Villazor who sent this photo of Anna Rose (flanked by Roseanna Sablan and Theszaray Omar).

I'm guessing this was before the show. (Strange hair, which in later years will be material for comedy, I'm sure!)


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "funny hair"? The hair was made up so that it wouldn't be in their faces while they performed. 1 person had to do 22 girls' hair in 3 hours before their performance. Not 1 girl could do her own hair. Think before you write, please.

Anonymous said...

Did I write "funny hair"? As I suggested thinking before writing, I should have written "strange hair". My mistake & I feel bad for commenting with an egregious mistake. Sorry po~

Anonymous said...

nonis above,

the comments Jane made regarding the hair being strange were aimed at her own daughter. She can say anything she wants about her daughters hair, clothes, make-up, attitude or any other thing she wants to comment on. as you stated in your second comment, you should think before you write.

even if a team of hair and make-up personnel did her hair she can say what she pleases.

it is awesome that one person did all the girls hair. i am sure Jane was not saying anything bad about the stylist.

congratulations Jane on your daughters success with music and much kudos to your daughter and the other kids who proudly represented the CNMI!

Saipan Writer said...

As noni 8:14 PM said-I was commenting on my daughter, not the hairstylist.

I do appreciate that hair and make-up was applied, and that many teens were ready on time.

kilili said...

And all the girls were looking their best.

Saipan Writer said...

And their appearance was a positive factor in their being awarded silver.