Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Report from NYC (Manta Ray Band)

The first report from the Manta Band in New York City is positive.

All arrived safely. Most students went on a walking tour Saturday evening, but a few (nine?) went to see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at the Majestic.

This production adapted by Andrew Lloyd Webber has been playing on Broadway for 22 years (since January 1988), and is older than the Manta Band students!

It was a short conversation. No time to hear about the weather, the hotel, or any other impressions of NYC, the Band, or the trip, just a short rave review of Anna's first Broadway experience. (She was almost speechless as she tried to express her feelings about seeing this show!)


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Saipan Writer said...

The report from Sunday is that it's cold outside, but the trench coat (I got on ebay) is sufficient; they went to the museums; Anna is not feeling well (but as I said to her, she's not feeling well in NYC!); and she wished she'd spent $40 to get a signed poster of the Phantom cast (I'm glad she didn't).