Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Manta, Manta, Manta--Ray, Ray, Ray.

The days are gradually lengthening. It's still light at 6:30 PM. We never have those long summer days experienced in the temperate zones--at most we'll get to light still at 7 PM or so, but it's still nice to notice the longer daylight. Also beautiful sunsets the past two days--not glorious, but simple sun sinking into the water and a gradual pink to gray sky.

While other students enjoyed a day off on "Easter Monday," the SSHS Manta Ray Band had a 3 hour rehearsal--from 4 AM to 7 AM! They're working hard on their Carnegie Hall performance and testing the time adjustment, as well.

And it looks like they will be in good shape financially, as well. My gripe (wanting information about the amount raised and not only general cheeriness) was just a bit premature. This week, SSHS Principal Craig Garrison announced that, with the latest donation of $7,000 from Bridge Capital, the band has reached its goal, previously announced as $142,000, the estimated cost of the trip.

The band is still accepting donations, because the estimated fundraising goal is just that--an estimate, and the worry is that it may be too low or that unexpected expenses may crop up. So if you want to donate, (any amount!) you can make a check payable to Saipan Southern High School and in the memo box, write in Manta Ray Band.

The band leaves April 17, 2010 for its debut performance in New York City, first at Central Park, and then at Carnegie Halll.

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