Wednesday, March 21, 2007

49. Beyond Distances-New Book Available

Sounds like it should be about a jogger, but this new book is from Carlos Madrid and it's about the 1870's in Saipan. I went to the book launching last night. And when I get a few more minutes, I'll try to scan the cover (done!) , upload a picture of the author (done!), and give some more lively comment.

For now, I just wanted to reiterate that this book is available at the American Memorial Park Museum. Cost is only $15.00. Print run of just 1000 from our NMI Humanities Council press. ISBN: 1-878453-94-7, copyright 2006.

Scott Russell and everybody at the Humanities Council deserve kudos for creating, sponsoring and promoting projects like this historical research. (I did suggest to Scott that they make this and their other books available through Would somebody else echo this suggestion? Maybe if he hears it often enough, he'll do it.)

I've already started to read the book, but of course, what I turn to first are the photos from the era. Early photography, with grainy, blurred black and white images captures the past in a special way--keeping it distant and indistinct, but giving just enough of a glimpse to entice us to learn more.

Catch this book!

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