Friday, March 30, 2007

54. Book Awards-the Ready-Made Reading List

I love book awards. I love to read about books and what finds people have discovered in the recently published avalanche of paper. I view each new announcement of book awards as another reading list. And my TBR list is very long.

So in the interest of sharing those reading lists with others, who may get to the books before I do, here's a link to more book awards: The Galaxy British Book awards: Feel free to let me know what you've read and recommend-from among these or elsewhere.


excelsior said...

Fifteen years ago I was using the Banned Books list published by the American Librarians Association for my TBR list. Since a lot of the books that get banned or challenged because of the "harm" they could cause to children, I had already read a bunch of them as a kid/youth.

Here's a list for 1990-2000:

Saipan Writer said...

I love those lists, too. I like trying to imagine the mindset that objects to the content of books I've read and loved.

And now I'm reading DON'T TELL THE GROWN-UPS, The Subversive Power of Children's Literature, by Alison Lurie. Passed on to my by Sister Carol, who thought I'd enjoy it. She's right. It's full in insights and thought-provoking observations.

Anonymous said...

Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach