Friday, April 20, 2007

66. Vets and Their Families Speak Out Against the War In Iraq.

Remember Dalton Trumbo's JOHNNY GET YOUR GUN? What about Gabriel Maria Remarque's ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT? These used to be required reading when I was in high school. Perhaps they still are. Their anti-war message is very clear.

Now, though, a different message has been given to our students. High schools allow and even encourage military recruiters to solicit the next generation of soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen (and women).

But some of them, and their families, have learned the hard way that the President, our government, or just the entire existing system has little consideration for the soldiers on the ground, the people involved in the conflict, or the harm being done in the name of "fighting terrorism."

And you can hear their voices. Here's a sample:

You can see more here .

I like these videos because they show that opposing war in Iraq isn't unpatriotic, that it isn't bad for the troops who are there. We've had a failure of leadershp in the U.S. that has cost lives--American, Iraqi, and other lives, valuable lives. We shouldn't keep paying the high price, and imposing the high price, when we can make a different choice.

And we're going to owe reparations to Iraq for all the harm we've done. We should be figuring out how we're going to make up for our shameful destruction.

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