Wednesday, April 25, 2007

72. More Breaking News-At Home and Close to Home

Wednesday, 10 AM.

At Home:

Burglars stealing from the impoverished. Upsets me terribly.

Micronesian Legal Services Corp, Marianas Office, was broken into last night and two desktop computers were stolen. MLSC is a non-profit agency operating on a shoe-string budget. The Marianas Office is located in Civic Center, a space provided gratis by the CNMI government. MLSC has requested government help in renovating the space, which is deteriorating badly from termites and age, and security is a problem. This is the third break-in in about a year, and all three times computer equipment has been taken. One time the thieves stole a computer that had been loaned to the financially strapped organization by then-legislator Janet Maratita.

Now poor people will have lawyers without computers. How are we supposed to provide quality legal representation to the people who need it most under these circumstances?

I hope the thieves get caught.

Close to home:

Read this article: WashingtonPostArticle and this: MarianasVarietyScoop

It tells the lovely story of the recent conviction of Mark Zachares, former CNMI attorney general, former CNMI chief of labor (if I recall correctly). The conviction is part of the on-going Abramoff scandal. Mark first met Jack Abramoff while he was working here, and that's probably when he fell into his pocket.

I remember Mark's tenure in the CNMI. He blatantly abused the power he had. Why didn't we ever investigate him? The CNMI needs to be more attentive to corruption, which is insidious and grows into worse problems.

At least the Abramoff noose is tightening. Wonder who else with CNMI connections will be rounded up.

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Nicole said...

It frustrates me that so often the people who are just managing to get by, working to help others get...well, screwed...while those with all the money and power get away with abusing the system (not all, I know, but you get the idea). Figures.