Tuesday, April 24, 2007

71. Breaking News

Sirens roared past the office.

The report is that a Chinese--actually Nepalese-- man went to the front of CNMI Department of Labor and set himself on fire. Still waiting to hear why. Now I know why, but can't say anything more than that he was frustrated with Labor's failure to help him collect back wages.

There's a discussion about U.S. immigration /takeover-pros and cons- over at Ken Phillips blog, SOSaipan . We've obviously got to do something. First, we can pray for this man's well-being and recovery. Things here are getting totally out of hand.

ed. 11/55 AM.

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Nicole said...

I went to high school in northern Illinois. While I was still living up there, during the Christmas season, a man had some sort of homemade bomb (or at least a combination of flammable materials) in a backback, and he set himself on fire and threw himself over the balcony of the mall very near where Santa was set up.

It perplexes me what some people's thought processes are.