Friday, April 27, 2007

73. A Parade of Picture Books-My April Children's Book Review Column

You can read my April book review column at the Marianas Variety. Right now it's here. Here's the parade:

Every month, I write a column. Some months I struggle, especially when I loved the column from the month before and think I can't possibly come up with something as good for the next month. Last month, I wrote here about a spanking new release: "The Invention of Hugo Cabret." With it's gorgeous art and unusual format (slipping between graphic novel and traditional novel), I loved the book and I enjoyed writing my column about it.

And this month's column started out as one of my traditional types, with a couple of picture books, some mid-grade, a YA, but I couldn't find a theme to tie them together. And the picture books have been piling up as I've reviewed more mid-grade and YA titles. So many of the picture books I hadn't yet mentioned are stellar. As I was heading out of the house on Sunday to spend a few luxurious hours sipping coffee and playing on my laptop, I decided to grab those picture books. And on my way to Coffee Care, I thought of the picture book parade. Voila! My column wrote itself. And I love it, because I love these books, too!

The Variety did a good job with adding the covers of the titles reviewed (in the print edition-not online), but they put the first parade entry at the end. And they cut off the title of "Flotsam." But life is not perfect. It's still a column that makes me smile.

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