Friday, June 29, 2007

106. Rushing toward the end of the frenzy

June is almost over. I am racing the clock for Script Frenzy. I'm just at 17,000 words, but need 20,000 to win.

Boni let me down by dropping out before we even really got started. She was going to be my writing partner, so we could spur each other on. So I'm going it alone, and I am too crazy to stop.

So I'm writing like mad. And the script is loose and flimsy, and stiff and uneven, and any combination of crummy words you want to use for a play.

But it's also a rush to write, to create characters, put words in their mouths and pull their puppet strings through actions and reactions.

So onward. My script is calling. And later, we can all act it out and laugh out loud at how terribly bad it is. Because we could all use some laughs, right?

P.S. Word verification was Smenita. Maybe I'll name a character after it.


BoReGo said...

Sorry Jane, I chickened out after realizing that I had too much on my plate. Too Much On My Plate! Why? Why? Why? That would have been so cool a title!!!

Saipan Writer said...

Oh yeah... that's a very cool title. Next year, Boni.