Tuesday, June 5, 2007

95. Graduation Photos--Behind the scenes

So many people make an event happen. Here are just a few of the many people who made the MHS graduation run smoothly--faces "behind" the scenes--Hal Easton (teacher and staging guru), Chris Cabrera (teacher and emcee), Bert Guerrero (teacher), Tita Gabrido (Chris' mom and all around aide-de-camp), Matt Wheat, (student, tech), and Tommy Baik (student, videographer).


marianas life said...

be sure to see STUCK and be awed at Hal's sound and lighting magic!!!

Last 2 shows are this Fri and Sat at Am. Mem Park at 7pm

Saipan Writer said...

I'm very aware of Hal's sound and lighting magic, having a theatrical daughter who's been in a ton of productions, starting with Annie Jr. I am impressed!

And I am missing STUCK, even as I write this. Wah! I am in the midst of last minute laundry before an early morning flight for a little rest and recreation. And I'm not yet packed, having some last minute scheduling problems with my niece who is coming along, and generally feeling that pre-flight worry. I hate being stressed and too busy to fit in all that I want to do.

Wishing you a huge audience. Break a leg.