Friday, June 29, 2007

107. All Hail to the Script Frenziers

In case you're interested in the zany fun and crazy ways of participants in Script Frenzy, let me share these with you.

Trailers from some of the scripts (all awards determined by the Office of Letters and Lights)

Most Hilarious

Best Use of Creepy-Child Voice-Over

Best Use of Cute Photos of Lemmings

Best Forbidden Facial Hair (?!)

And overall winner in the Most Awesome category

I have got to learn how to make You Tube videos. I mean, my script --Photo on the Fridge-- would be even more awesome for a trailer than these. Well, you can imagine, I'm sure!

Script Frenzy is fun. Wish you were here.

And wish this darn post would show up on my blog!

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