Tuesday, April 7, 2009

347. When you're busy...

...you repost someone else's great photo.

I'm swamped at work. I am also trying to write a 100-page musical stage play during April as part of Script Frenzy. And there are lots of other interesting things going on here, from politics to daily life.


Here's a photo from Angelo of the picnic at the beach when then NBC crew was here for a story on the Marianas Trench Monument.

It's iconic--Agnes McPhetres, Jacinta Kaipat, Angelo Villagomez and Ike Cabrera--the working heart of the pro-Monument movement, still at work, grilling at the barbecue! In the background, you can see me and Stacie (Ruth Tighe's daughter) talking with Ian Williams of NBC; Anna Rose talking with Won Chomchuen of NBC, Mike Tripp with the photographer Ian, Ruth Tighe (serious) and Ken Kramer (smiling), and kids in orange tee-shirts playing at the beach.

For me, this photo sums up the Friends of the Monument experience!