Thursday, April 16, 2009

350. Saipan Theatre News

Saipan Theatre News--As in, live theatre, produced by the Friends of the Arts.

MY FAIR LADY is scheduled for presentation on April 30, May 1, and May 2 at the Multi-Purpose Center.

I've been busy "designing costumes" for the production! Yeah, I know. A bit of a stretch for me. Especially since I'm a lousy artist. But just as a preview, here are my costume renderings for the show--some of which will be used (and some of which will not).

Eliza the flower seller

Maid(s) in the Henry Higgins household.

Eliza's "student" clothes

Ladies at Ascot
Eliza at Ascot

Lady's ball gown
Eliza's ball gown

Mrs. Higgins--ball gown; "tea" dress

Eliza's "leaving" suit

MY FAIR LADY is a costume-heavy show, and this is my small bit. Obviously, there are a lot more costumes that I have nothing to do with... (the men, for example. They will have clothes in the show, honestly.)
I've also helped with hats, hats, and more hats!
We are having a lot of [fill in the adjective] getting ready. Hope you all will come and see it.
Great music. Great story. Great fun.

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excelsior said...

Still, Liza should have wound up with Freddy.

OTOH, in real life people sometimes wind up with the guy you don't like instead of the guy you do.

Have fun with the show - and your new responsibilities!

Saipan Writer said...

Excelsior, I completely agree with you! But in Shaw's Pygmalion, she does end up with Freddie and has a harsh and poor life, and ends up eventually going back to the comforts of Henry's home.

So poor Eliza. Better off selling flowers. If only she'd insisted that ALL she wanted was to learn "proper" English so she could have a flower shop...

Anonymous said...

ooh, those are UGLY!

Saipan Writer said...

Hey Anon.

ugly drawings, yes!

But I'm actually rather proud of the designs. (sad, I know.) Especially the zebra pack for Ascot.

and the ones that are made up really add to the production quality. (You need an imagination to see past the bad art, it's true...)

Theatre is, after all, about imagination, and effect.

wendy said...

The drawings and designs are charming!

Saipan Writer said...

You're too nice, Wendy. Thanks.

Marianas Pride said...

Amazing! Jane, I didn't know you were an artist and designer! Very impressive stuff!