Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Script Frenzy 2009

There's just two more days of Script Frenzy fun. Fortunately, I don't need them! I've already passed the 100 page winner's line!!! Yay.

I've got 102 pages of script for a musical, an adaptation of my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel. The musical drama is called THE ALCALDE'S DAUGHTER. It still needs about 5 scenes to reach the end. (Yes, I know I can use the last 2 days of April to work on these, but I probably won't. I'll leave it for the summer, when I'm on vacation!)

And of course, it needs music. But not until I've sorted out the script and revamped the lyrics, which I drafted in the speed of SF without any real consideration to rhyme, meter, "scansion" or anything else.

The script is a glorious mess, but I'm writing about the period in Saipan when the deportees were here, 1875, and it's all thanks to the excellent history by Carlos Madrid, published by the Humanities Council. Of course, they would be quite shocked at the liberties I'm taking with history, but that's what fiction is all about!

Now, to celebrate. Not. I just really want to sleep.

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