Wednesday, October 1, 2008

279. Tech Problems at NaNoWriMo-Waah!

We knew this might happen.

The tech gurus at the Office of Letters and Light (OLL) closed down the Nanowrimo site about September 21, with a promise to re-open on October 1.

Then they did a little shifty sleight of hand and re-opened early. Cheers!

But they warned us that, come October 1, when the hordes of writers from around the world came thundering back, the site might crash.

And lo--the site is down. The message says the site is currently overloaded.

But it's worse than that. While Nanowrimo was officially locked down, some of us were hanging around the forums at Script Frenzy (that other OLL project). And now it, too, has crashed. Leaving all of us nanowrimo fans homeless, without even a place to go to discuss what's happening, and in limbo as to our calls of distress.

Not to mention all the unanswered forum questions. It's like sitting in the dark (figuratively speaking).

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Samatakah said...

"Well, grandson, we used to have these things called telephones, and then cell phones, but you wouldn't know what one of those is, would you? You just activate the chip in your head and all your friends are right there!"